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Sentiment Analysis API enables you to analyze sentiment of any text

POST Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Natural Language Processing (NLP). Check sentiment from text or document

POST https://api.happi.dev/v1/sentiment


API Key * Text
You can also send your API key using the header x-happi-key.

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text *textarea
ℹ️ Text to analysis
JSON Response

Response Definition

    "success": boolean,
    "score": {
        "sentimental": float /* NEGATIVE < 0 > POSITIVE */,
        "comparative": float /* 0: Not comparative , 0+ Comparative detection */,
    "words": {
        "negative": array,
        "positive": array,
        "tokens": array,
    "analysis": object

Error Response

Check http response code
  "success": boolean,
  "error": text
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