API Documentation

QR Code

Generate a QR code as a base64 image. Simple QR Codes and custom generation with colors.



QRCode API Rest Service. Get a base64 png image

GET https://api.happi.dev/v1/qrcode


API Key * Text
You can also send your API key using the header x-happi-key.

Get your free API key here

data * string
ℹ️ Text to convert
width integer
ℹ️ Image width (Min 128 - Max 1000) in px
bg string
ℹ️ Hex. Background Color (Default FFFFFF)
dots string
ℹ️ Hex. dots color (Default 000000)
JSON Response

Response Definition

    "success": boolean,
    "qrcode": string,
    "size": {
        "width": integer,
        "height": integer

Error Response

Check http response code
  "success": boolean,
  "error": text
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